Smoking Addiction Treatment in New Delhi

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What is smoking addiction?

Smoking addiction occurs when you need nicotine and you can’t keep yourself away from it. Nicotine is the chemical in cigarettes that makes it hard to quit. Nicotine produces pleasing effects in your brain but these effects are temporary, and the person reaches out for another cigarette. The more you smoke, the more nicotine you need to feel good. This is how a person gets addicted to smoking. He/she might need treatment if he/she wants to quit. Our rehabilitation centre has the best treatment for smoking addiction in New Delhi at Ananda Care – Smoking Rehabilitation Centre in India.

Symptoms and diagnosis of smoking addiction

Symptoms of smoking addiction are:

  • Respiratory infection
  • Breathing problem
  • Chest pain

  • Coughing up blood
  • Having problems in exercising
  • Frequent cold

These are some of the symptoms of smoking addiction, if you are experiencing any of the above-mentioned symptoms, you must visit a doctor. The doctor will have a chat with you regarding your daily routine, habits, and behaviors to check how much dependent you are on smoking. After examining, the right treatment plan will be designed for you. If you or anyone you know is having a smoking addiction, ask them to get themselves treated before their condition gets severe as smoking can lead to cancer and lung related problems. You can now get the best smoking addiction treatment in India at Ananda Care – Smoking Rehabilitation Centre in New Delhi.

Treatment for smoking addiction

There are smokers to try to quit, but they fail if attempt without any help. A person is more likely to stop smoking if he opts for proper counseling and medications. A combination of these two is proved to be effective.


Some people use quit-smoking products, also called nicotine replacement therapy as they contain varying amounts of nicotine. Some of these therapies require a prescription. These medicines are approved by doctors and help to reduce cravings and controls symptoms of smoking. Using more than one medicine helps the person to get better results. You can buy quit-smoking products by yourself but it’s better to consider talking to your doctor first and then go for it.


Medications do help to cope with withdrawal symptoms and cravings but behavioral therapy sessions are also needed if you are willing to quit smoking entirely. Cognitive-behavioral therapy and mindfulness-based therapy are proven to be successful in treating smoking addiction. These therapies help the patient to learn about coping mechanisms and to change their negative behavior and thinking into a positive one. 


The more time you will spend with a counselor, the better your treatment will be. During individual counseling, you will learn techniques of coping mechanisms that will help you stop smoking. Our smoking rehabilitation centre in New Delhi and smoking de-addiction center in India provides the best smoking addiction treatment in New Delhi.


The five stages of smoking addiction are pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, and maintenance. 

Quitting smoking will improve your health status and will enhance the quality of life, will reduce the risk of premature death, and can add 10 more years to your life. So get yourself treated before it gets too late, our rehab centre gives out the best treatment for smoking addiction in New Delhi.

There are several other things that a smoker can do to stay healthy. Eat healthy food, engage yourself in regular exercising, visit your doctor for regular check-ups and manage your stress level.

On average, a smoker’s life expectancy is 10 years less than non-smokers. You must quit smoking if you want to live a long life.

Even if you smoke a little bit, smoking once a week is also dangerous and the sooner you quit, the better it will be. 

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