Facilities, Treatments and therapies

Covid protocols: – At Ananda Care, your health is our utmost priority. We make sure to undertake all safety measures.Regular testing of staff

  • Fully vaccinated staff
  • Proper sanitization
  • Mask utilization
  • Temperature checks at entrance

1. Organic farming

Our products are entirely organically produced without the usage of any fertiliser, growth enhancing substance, steroid or chemical. All our products are developed in our farm using organic and eco-friendly raw materials. Our farm is well taken care of in terms of hygiene and quality. We provide a facility where our clients have full access to view and know about how we cultivate and organically grow our crops.Our motive here is to provide our patients with the most nutritious food in adequate amounts.

2. Food variety

We cater the needs of all individuals and for the very same we have all dietary options, including vegetarian, non-vegetarian, plant based, vegan, etc. We provide high-class eatery options along with variety of freshly and organically prepared fresh juices and fruits.

3. Horticulture

Our team of horticulturists make this happen. This is Our Unique Selling Proposition for Ananda Care. We try to make our clients learn and experience cultivation of plants and medicinal ingredients with us, they can access the area, inspect and see how truthfully, we perform and grant. Through this therapy we plan to improve our patients’ cognitive abilities, it can improve person’s mental health. This is a unique and rare find in a rehabilitation centre.

4. Detoxification

It is the physiological or medicinal removal of toxic substances. Here we aim to provide our clients with effective medicine charts and physiological treatments to help them get rid of the substances consumed by them. The treatment time-span depends on the type of detoxification and the kind of toxic substances taken. The patient will go through acute intoxication and withdrawal, a medical professional at our centre will help the patient in the detoxification process by giving proper medications and therapy.

5. Recreational Activities

We provide our clients during their free, leisure time with vast variety of recreational opportunities, including both indoor and outdoor leisure activities. While treating our patients we aim to connect them back with their choice of hobbies, it makes them more interested in wellness. We even have a swimming pool in our centre to aid the patient’s wellness.

  • Indoor activities-Pool, Snooker, Chess, Table tennis,Carom board, monopoly, UNO, etc
  • Outdoor activities-lawn tennis, cross fit, badminton, volley ballet, etc.

6. Yoga Therapy and meditation

Yoga is a type of exercise which has been scientifically proven to help speed up the recovery process. Inaddition, it aids in relaxation of the mind and soul. It helps one in building lost will and concentration. We aim to boost up the morale of our patients through this therapy. Meditation helps in gathering self and healing procedure.Our team has professional yoga and meditation practitioners.

7. Counselling sessions

We have a variety of counselling sessions as follows: –

  • Individual counselling and Group counselling: – Our patients’ need is our command, whatever they demand is our first and foremost priority. We look into their responses, preferences and treatment needs and the allocate them counselling sessions.
  • Family counselling: – Family counselling is a kind of verbal therapy through which we aim to associate and connect a patient’s family to the patient during therapy sessions, if appropriate for a patient. This also aids the family and the patient, build back their lost relationship, if any.
  • Counselling for addicts and alcoholics: -Therapists and psychiatrists of our centre would help the patients in setting some long-term goals, they will also help them look after their psychological and physical health by providing them with a balanced diet. Medications will also be prescribed accordingly. Coping mechanisms are also taught to the patients at our luxury rehabilitation centre.

8. Dialectical behaviour therapy

While using this therapy we aim to treat personality disorders, mood disorders caused due to substance consumption and other consumptions in excess. This therapy is an evidence-based therapy, which deals with interpersonal conflicts. Through this cognitive behavioural therapy, we deal with patients’ mindfulness and acceptance, and that aids in overall recovery procedure of the patient.

  • While using this therapy we aim to treat personality disorders, mood disorders caused due to substance consumption and other consumptions in excess. This therapy is an evidence-based therapy, which deals with interpersonal conflicts. Through this cognitive behavioural therapy, we deal with patients’ mindfulness and acceptance, and that aids in overall recovery procedure of the patient.

9. Relapse prevention treatment

Through this we aim to provide aftercare long-term and ongoing treatment for alcohol addicts, this is done to avoid a person’s relapse towards the kind of addiction they are addicted to. Starts with intensity and later loses its intensity as it becomes a gradual process. Proper procedure designed for each category of abuse is follow at our centre.

10. Cognitive behavioural therapy

Commonly known as CBT, which is a psycho-social intervention that aims to reduce symptoms of various mental health conditions, primarily depression and anxiety disorders. We through this aim to help people identify as well as change their unhelpful, negative thoughts and behaviour, which initiated their addiction or was the primary cause of their addiction. People are also taught healthier ways to cope-up with their stress by our professional counsellors.

11. Rational Emotional Behaviour Therapy

Through this action-oriented rational approach, we aim to brush our patients’ thoughts. In a way so that they reduce and later stop their intake of harmful substances. We provide our clients with this short-term therapy to motivate them to make positive changes. It aids patients in identifying the good and bad part of the treatment and developing their skills needed to stick to their recovery-related goals.

12. Eating disorder treatment

We here aim to provide relief to those affected by eating disorders due to their state and stage of addiction. Patients do not pay attention to their culinary habits and that is why we will be arranging dinner and cook-in nights, this will aid the patients in paying attention in terms of their physical wellbeing.

13. Individual therapy for anxiety

Anxiety and depression are vast terms which varies from person to person, we here aim to provide relief to everyone.Therapists and counsellors at our centre are trained to give time-based sessions to patients going through anxiety or depression or both. Medications might also be prescribed along by our healthcare professionals, if needed.

14. Art therapy

This therapy at our centre comprises of creative methods of expression through visual art media. We would make the patients undergo activities such as drawing, painting, sketching, sculpting and many more. It would aid in communication build up; people are able to better express through art than self-expression.

15. Holistic therapies or Relaxation therapies

We offer a range of therapies, namely, acupuncture, massage sessions, yoga, and meditation sessions that would help in the mind and body relaxation process of patients. This therapy is often provided in groups of patients. This is very important for the recovering patients.

16. 12-step facilitation treatment

A 12-step program is a set of principles that assists people suffering from alcohol abuse and addiction by providing individual action steps. Through our twelve-step facilitation program we focus on forming links between individuals and Alcohols Anonymous (AA). Therapists and psychiatrists at our centre will help patients recover. Patients often achieve and sustain long-term recovery after this treatment.

17. Professional and executive programs

At our centre we will have professionals and various executives visiting on regular basis for one-hour sessions, imparting important values and lessons to the recovering patients. This would aid the patients in shaping their life after recovery.
  • Literature sessions will also be taken up on a regular basis.

18. Drug & alcoholism treatment

Through this procedure we aim to provide the patients an effective way to stop and reclaim life. It will comprise of exercise sessions as well as sleeping exercises for them to work on their sleeping disorders due to substance abuse.