End Stage Alcoholism - Critical Point in Alcohol Addiction

Best Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi - End Stage Alcoholism Critical Point in Alcohol Addiction

Chronic alcoholism is a serious medical condition that can be lethal if left unchecked. It is spread over three stages. Alcoholics may recover safely and with minimal bodily harm in the first two stages. If the person keeps on consuming alcohol, it could lead to a painful death. We have the best rehab centre in delhi.

Alcoholism is primarily characterized by an increasing frequency and a gradual rise in the amount of alcohol consumption and dependence. In early-stage alcoholism, alcoholic drinks provide an individual with a soothing sensation that lightens his mood, or an escape from an emotional crash. Middle-stage alcoholism depicts the alcoholic as losing control of how much his alcohol intakes keto feed his imagined need. Alcohol consumption has begun to pick up and there is an increase in regularity. The liver is now starting to be overwhelmed in breaking down the increased amount of alcohol. Alcohol has started to affect other organs as well.

End-stage alcoholism is where the craving to drink alcoholic beverages has taken over the individual. To the alcoholic, consuming alcoholic drinks is equal to or more important than eating meals or drinking water. They exhibit extreme physical withdrawal symptoms. Work, finance, family, and social relations will have seriously deteriorated. The liver is unable to do its work of filtering harmful toxins. The alcoholic will have been suffering from cirrhosis of the liver. He is also now undernourished. Organs that digest food and transmit important nutrients are damaged, affecting the heart and the brain. These organs will be unable to recover if alcohol intake is continuous. Thus, this last stage is fatal.

Dementia caused by alcohol is one of the symptoms of this final stage. Memory loss, mental confusion, psychomotor difficulties, and mind and body coordination are affected. Liver, heart, and brain damage are irreversible. The last stage of alcoholism is treatable but a few injuries might stay even after treatment. End-stage alcoholics who will recover cannot go back to a normal and full life.

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