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Best Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi

What is drug addiction?

Drug addiction or substance abuse disorder is a disease that affects a person’s behavior and brain negatively. A person can become obsessed with legal or illegal drugs and there are cases when people get addicted to these medicines. This addiction starts developing when the individual keeps on consuming drugs without caring about their after-effects. Cocaine, heroin, alcohol is the most commonly misused drugs in today’s world. If you are looking for getting treatment, you can now get the best drug addiction treatment in New Delhi at Ananda Care – Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi

Causes of drug addiction

Experimental use of alcohol and drugs can affect the way one feels, people start to enjoy the stimulations that these substances give. It is highly likely for the person to get obsessed with such feelings. This condition leads the person to develop an addiction to that particular drug or substance. Some people get addicted to more than one drug or substance, such a lifestyle leads the person to a series of mental, physical, and social impairments. Genetic and social factors are the two main causes that lead a person into drug/substance abuse. He/she must seek help before it gets too late. You can get the best drug de-addiction treatment center in New Delhi at Ananda Care – Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi

Symptoms of drug addiction

The common symptoms seen in drug addicts can vary from person to person while also depending on the type of drug that has been abused. Some of the symptoms are:

  • Spending more money on the drug even though you can’t afford it
  • Neglecting your work and family responsibility.
  • Increasing the quantity of drug intake.
  • Having the urge to consume more drugs.
  • Spending hours to take the drug in possession.
  • Coming to a realization where one intends on stopping drug consumption because of its negative effects but still not being able to resist its craving.


The first thing in diagnosis is to identify the problem and seek help. The first step is usually initiated either by family or by friends. Secondly, an exam is taken by the professional health care provider which includes some tests and talking sessions to figure out the reason why the person got involved in drug addiction. After this, reports are analyzed and treatment is started with the help of a rehabilitation centre. Our rehab centre is one of the best centres, known for the best drug addiction treatment in DelhiOur staff consists of all the professionals who treat the patients while they are in the recovery period. Ananda Care is a well known Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi NCR.

Medication and therapy

Drug addiction treatment in New Delhi aims to make things better for the addict and his family. Once you are diagnosed, get your treatment started. The treatment includes the below-mentioned therapies:

  • Detoxification – a combined treatment of detox and withdrawal therapy is given at first which is carried out by healthcare professionals.
  • Chemical dependency treatment programs – these combined therapies make the addict aware of the danger of drug addiction. The treatment specialist decides what elements should be given to the addict for treatment.
  • Behavior therapy – behavioral therapy sessions are given by psychologists and psychiatrists which makes the addict aware of his negative thoughts and behavior.

Self-help groups also help the patient in getting recovered, addicts communicate with each other and try to find similarities. Long-term and short-term goals are set up for them so that they can also lead a healthy and normal life after recovery.

Best Drug Rehab in Delhi


Drug abuse is accompanied by a devastating social impact upon community life. It harms industry, education and training, and the family as well as contributes to violence, crime, financial problems, homelessness, and vagrancy.

If you think you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, you need to get help immediately. The first place is to start with your parents, talk to them and if you are not on good terms with them then find someone whom you can trust and get yourself into a rehabilitation centre. We give out the best drug addiction treatment in Gurgaon.

  1. Build some habits to stay busy
  2. Cut out toxic relationships
  3. Utilize support systems
  4. Adopt a pet
  5. Walk away from stress
  6. Practice positive self-talk

Drug addiction can increase your risk of mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and psychosis. People with mental health problems are often drug addicts too.

After regular use of drugs, the brain starts to adjust to the surges of dopamine. Neurons may begin to reduce the number of dopamine receptors or simply make less dopamine. You will experience rapid mood changes and thought changes.

Best Drug Rehabilitation Centre in New Delhi, India

Best Drug Rehabilitation Centre in New Delhi, India – Most Luxurious Drug Addiction Treatment Center in India. Best Drug De-Addiction Centre in Delhi NCR.