Drug Addiction May Differ, Dependent on Occupation

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Drug addiction and substance abuse are serious topics in today’s busy world. From addictions to prescription medications to just plain dangerous alcohol and intravenous addictions, there are a large group of individuals struggling out there. Concerning drug addiction, it has been recorded that specific occupations are housing several of the same drug and substance addictions. In exploring addiction as logic, it is sometimes easier to understand what a friend, family member, or spouse is going through in their addiction to a particular substance. We have the best treatment for drug addiction in Gurgaon.

It often does not matter if an individual starts highly successful or somewhere at the bottom of life’s food chain – all people can latch on to the abuse of a drug. Here are some of the largest occupations that house specific addictions to particular drugs or substances:

Police Officers: Even as protectors of our rights and safety, police officers can become addicted to a harmful substance just the same as any other citizen. According to research that projected the information of a large majority of police officers, over eighty-eight percent of all officers consume alcohol every month. Amongst these officers, over twenty-five percent have claimed that they are dependent on alcohol because of the high levels of stress their occupation projects.

Doctors and Physicians: In the latter portion of these providers of health were interviewed and questioned to generate a substance abuse reporting system. Although the information was anonymous, it was stated that over twelve percent of physicians were experiencing a substance abuse addiction. Mostly opiates were reported by doctors in this study, but benzodiazepines were a close runner-up.

It was also reported that Emergency Room physicians under large doses of stress, and submitted to depressing situations revolving around death, experienced greater addictions. In having to witness consistent traumatic disorders, one physician stated in his anonymous report, “I don’t know how to handle the death and discomfort I see in others from day to day.”

Firemen & Firewomen: Reporting the same cases of over-stressed situations at work, as well as problems dealing with traumatic events, firefighters were reported of having physiological distress in over forty percent of the subjects. In a little under half of all firepersons tested, having and holding this stress, approximately thirty percent were said to have major substance abuse issues about alcohol.

Each occupation has its list of stressors and daily issues that have to be dealt with healthily. No matter what particular occupation you find yourself in, there is always a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center or residential treatment center ready and willing to assist with your addiction. Seeking help is only one of many further steps one must take on the road to recovery. But no one should have to deal with the recovery process alone. Seek help in your area today, no matter what your occupation, or your situation.

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