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Bipolar Disorder Treatment in New Delhi, India

What is bipolar affective disorder?

Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder, also known as manic depression. It causes mood swings from an extreme high to an extreme low. Manic symptoms can include increased energy, excitement, impulsive behavior, and agitation. It is tagged as a serious mental illness as people experience unusual mood changes, happy to hopeless within a few minutes. Normal moods last for a few hours in between the swings. It can be treated and taken control over if you seek professional help at the right time. You can get the best bipolar disorder treatment in New Delhi (India). Some aspects of bipolar disorder can make the person feel good. During an elevated mood, they may find themselves more socially active, talkative, and creative. However, an elevated mood is unlikely to persist. Even if it does, it may be hard to sustain attention and follow-through plans. This can make it difficult to follow a project through to the end.

Causes of bipolar disorder

Just like other mental disorders, the exact cause of the bipolar disorder is also unknown. Experts tend to believe that several factors work together to make a person more likely to develop bipolar disorder. A complex mix of physical, social, and environmental factors is considered to be the main cause.
  • Chemical imbalance in the brain – bipolar disorder is believed to be the result of chemical imbalances in the brain. The chemicals responsible for controlling the functions of the brain are called neurotransmitters and include dopamine and noradrenaline. A person develops bipolar disorder when there is an imbalance in neurotransmitters. Episodes of mania might occur to the person and he would start to feel low and sad.
  • Genetics – bipolar disorder is linked to genetics and there could be a possibility that it might be running in the family. Family members of a person with bipolar disorder have an increased risk to develop it themselves.
  • Triggers – stressful situations trigger the symptoms of bipolar disorder. Examples include breakdown of a relationship, physical abuse, everyday work problems, physical illness, sleep problems, or death of a family member. If you are feeling any kind of pressure or trigger then seek help from professionals and get the best treatment for bipolar disorder in New Delhi.

Symptoms of bipolar disorder

According to the international bipolar association, symptoms of bipolar disorder vary between individuals. For some people, an episode might last for several months whereas, for some, it might last for a few minutes. Highs and lows are different for everyone. Symptoms include:
  • Impaired judgment
  • Sleeping little and not feeling tired
  • Missing work
  • Unable to do anything
  • Being aggressive for no reason
  • Talking rapidly
  • Jumping to different topics while talking
  • High level of self-confidence
  • Feeling euphoric
  • Having racing thoughts in mind
  • Living in denial and thinking everything is going right and smooth


Research claims that to be diagnosed with bipolar disorder, a person must have had symptoms for at least 7 days or less and if the person experienced severe symptoms, he/she might need to get hospitalized and he/she may also have had a depressive episode. Other complications might also occur with a bipolar disorder like the use of drugs or alcohol to cope with symptoms, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorder, or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. If you are experiencing any severe symptoms of bipolar disorder then get yourself checked up by a professional psychologist or psychiatrist and get into one of the best rehabilitation centres to get proper treatment. You can get the best bipolar disorder treatment in India.

Medication and therapy

A combination of medications (as recommended by the doctor) and psychotherapy can help a person manage bipolar disorder. Cognitive-behavioral therapy and other approaches help the individual to:
  • Recognize and take steps to manage and control the key triggers like stress.
  • Identify early symptoms of an episode and take steps to control it.
  • Work on the factors that help maintain a stable mood for a longer period.
  • Seek help and support from your family members, friends, and teachers and keep yourself motivated throughout the treatment procedure.

Seek help and support from your family members, friends, and teachers and keep yourself motivated throughout the treatment procedure.

Bipolar Disorder Treatment in India


YES! Bipolar can shrink part of your brain’s hippocampus. This part of the brain regulates verbal and visual memory and controls how you respond emotionally to situations. When your mood changes, your hippocampus changes its shape and shrinks.

There is no permanent cure for bipolar disorder but if you get good treatment, you will not experience any major symptoms for a long period. Self-management will help you to bring stability to your daily life routine. You can now get the best treatment for bipolar disorder in New Delhi.

Yes, you can live a normal life. There are so many people out there who have bipolar and are living in a good family environment. You can do that too.

Bipolar is a common mental illness but if not paid attention to, it can severely disrupt a person’s life. Treatment is necessary if the patient wants to get better and wants to live a normal life.

It is not the same for everyone, some people might hear voices or could have hallucinations but others don’t experience anything like it. Other symptoms are mentioned above, you can check them out.

Bipolar Disorder Treatment in New Delhi, India

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