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What is alcohol addiction?

Alcohol addiction is a chronic disease where a person craves drinks that contain alcohol and loses control over his drinking habit. A person with this disease also needs to drink in a large amount to get the same pleasure and effect and gets withdrawal symptoms if he tries to stop drinking. Alcohol dependence directly affects the mental and physical health of the addict and increases the risk of cancer and severe liver damage. Treatment is necessary for the addict and you can get the best treatment at Ananda Care – Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi.

Causes of alcohol addiction

Alcohol triggers your brain to release the reward-system chemical dopamine. This will lead your brain to link all the positive feelings with drinking and you will crave more. It affects the serotonin which controls your mood and sleeping cycle. The more you drink, the more the addiction will take control of your brain and your body. Heavy drinkers begin to drink even more. Here are some risk factors that might lead you to alcohol addiction:

  • Underage drinking – if you start drinking by the age of 15, you are more likely to develop drinking dependence in the coming years. Addiction can take you away from everything in life.
  • Family history – if your parent or relatives are into alcohol addiction, your risk also goes up alongside. Genes are responsible to make the family member addicted to alcohol or any other substance.
  • Frequent drinking – if you drink regularly, you are prone to catch alcohol addiction.
  • Traumatic experience – childhood trauma and abuse can also make the person an addict to alcohol addiction, they feel like drinking will help them escape reality and pain.
  • Mental health conditions – depression and bipolar disorder can make you drink alcohol if you are not under any treatment. Overall data also claims that the male population is more into alcohol addiction as compared to women.

It is common to observe drinkers in today’s society, some people drink for fun whereas some drink to escape the reality of the world. Social and family customs, culture, and peer pressure also lead the person to alcohol addiction which is not so good. Seek help before it gets too late and you can now get the best treatment for alcohol addiction at Ananda Care – Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in New Delhi.

Symptoms of alcohol addiction

It can be difficult to recognize alcohol addiction because alcohol is widely available and accepted in many cultures. People enjoy drinking at celebrations and it has become a part of the life of many people. this makes it hard to differentiate between a normal drinker and an addict. Some symptoms of alcohol addiction are:

  • Changes in friendships
  • Drinking irrespective of the time
  • Increased the quantity of drink
  • Drinking at work and in the morning
  • Wanting to be in an environment where alcohol is present
  • Hiding things
  • Legal problems, loss of job
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Depending on alcohol too much

Alcohol addiction just gets worse with time so it is important to look out for early red signs. If someone from your family or friends is showing any of these signs then get alarmed and help them to get into a good treatment to get out of alcohol addiction. The best treatment for alcohol addiction is available at our Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi.


Diagnosis of alcohol addiction should be started by visiting a professional doctor. Your doctor will ask you about your drinking habits and will perform a physical exam for you regarding your health. Although there are no accurate tests for alcohol addiction physical signs and tests are enough to see if the person is an addict or not. All the tests will then be evaluated and the psychological test would be performed which includes questions related to your thoughts, moods, and feelings, how have you been working on yourself. All the aspects are then put together and the final result is then out. If you are diagnosed with alcohol addiction, your doctor will recommend you to get good treatment from a rehabilitation centre. Our rehab centre offers the best alcohol addiction treatment program at our Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in India.

Medication and therapy

Medications are given to the patient as prescribed by the doctor or psychologist as every patient has a different need. Treatment can vary for each patient, individual or group counseling or programs are taken up to help the patients achieve their short-term goals. The treatment also includes:

  • Detoxification – treatment for alcohol addiction always begins with detox and withdrawal symptoms are managed with the help of medicines. Detox is done properly and is managed by the doctors.
  • Learning skills – this involves the treatment plan and includes goal setting, behavior change strategies, and self-help manuals.
  • Psychological therapies – counseling sessions and therapies are held up for all the patients which help them to understand their problems with alcohol and support recovery from the psychological aspects of alcohol use. Family support is also counted in therapy sessions.
  • Injected medications – some medications are given in the form of pills whereas some are given via injection, this varies from patient to patient and the injectable version makes it easier for the addicts to recover.
  • Yoga and meditation – this is another method that helps the patients to recover fast, they can focus on their mental growth and practice breathing exercises that help them to regain control over themselves.

Patients develop healthy eating and exercising habits in a rehabilitation centre which helps them to recover fast. They try to set long-term goals for themselves. Support from family and friends also plays an important role in the overall recovery of the patient. If you want to get enrolled in a rehabilitation centre, you can contact us to get all the details. We give out the best alcohol addiction treatment in New Delhi at our Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in India.


Alcohol abuse causes symptoms of depression, anxiety, and antisocial behavior. These symptoms last for weeks and can cause psychiatric disorders if not treated properly

In the short term, areas of the brain are affected, the brain slows down and memory starts to fade. In the long-term alcohol can permanently damage the brain. So, get your treatment done if you are an alcohol addict. Best alcohol addiction treatment is available in Delhi NCR.

Alcohol abuse weakens the muscles of the eyes, can damage the optic nerve which will therefore damage your brain permanently. Double and distorted vision starts to occur to the patient.

The main difference between the two is that a drunk is someone who is intoxicated with alcohol that they lose control over their mental and physical functions. Whereas an alcoholic is affected and destroyed by alcoholism, turns into a disease.

For men, consuming more than 4 drinks at once or more than 14 drinks in a week are called to be heavy drinkers.

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