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Best Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi - acohol rehab guide

We at Ananda Care, which is a luxurious de-addiction centre located at a prime location, provide innovative and unique facilities under one single roof.
At this exquisite residential treatment centre, located near the NH8, just 15 minutes to and from the Indira Gandhi International Airport, terminal 3, Delhi, we provide in-house treatment facilities.
The location provides ease to the travel of our potential international clients.
Not to forget, the location is a blockbuster because of other proximities too, such as, Ambience Mall, GMR Aero city and great Hospitals, within a Rane of 2-5 Kilometres. 

This luxury centre is stretch over a land of 4 acres, consisting of a variety of lawns and gardens with various breeds of vegetables, fruits and trees.

This lavish rehabilitation centre is one of a kind with extraordinary features among the other available within the city. We at Ananda Care make our clients experience and live in 5-star accredited rooms, luxury mansions with Chimneys and Air conditioning systems. We make them enjoy our in-house Swimming pool. Moreover, we make them accessible our Farmhouse, where the clients can see how we cultivate our farms. For leisure purposes, we provide people here with Television access, our centre also offers various outdoor activities and indoor activities. Bathrooms with a bathtub is a plus here.
Our Unique Selling Proposition for this place is Horticulture, we make our clients experience cultivation with us, they can access the area, inspect and see how truthfully, we perform and grant. To add, we also have beautified the view by landscaping the entire area, it is also possible to jog around on the jogging track, while seeing lush gardens around.

We assure that the area is of utmost serenity and calm, with peaceful and comfortable surroundings. The hygiene provided is taken care of my our separately employed qualified personnel.

The highlight to our view and experience no doubt is Alfresco dining, which is a way to imitate a party-like atmosphere to make the clients feel rejuvenated and fresh, as the name suggests.

To provide utmost good care of the clients, we have team of specialists leading our extravagant detoxification centre, namely, MD psychiatrist, MD physician, Yoga Therapist, Counselling Psychologist, Addiction Counsellor, Life coach and a general team of Nurses and Psychologists.

Our wellness centre aims to provide the best quality, assuring treatment for people suffering from drug addiction, substance abuse, alcohol addiction, depression, mental illness or any other addiction that prevails. We have flexible designed diet-plans, treatments for each individual client that comes to us, we provide personalisation to everyone who comes. We provide individual as well as group counselling sessions.